Better Technology… Better For The Environment

  • NichiProducts™ differ in several ways than other fiber cement products in the market today. Beginning with the raw materials, NichiProducts consist of over 60% post-consumer by-product and recycled materials.**
  • NichiProducts™ contain 55% fly ash, a post-consumer waste material generated at coal-burning, electric generating facilities; and by doing so, Nichiha annually diverts over 66,000 tons of fly ash from ending up in landfills.**
  • Using fly ash also improves our products performance characteristics; allowing for a stronger more durable exterior cladding that is lighter in weight and easier to handle and install.**
  • Pulp is also a material used in the composition of NichiProducts™. Nichiha uses over 3,000 tons annually of post-consumer newspaper waste that would normally end up in landfills.**
  • The Nichiha manufacturing facility in Macon, GA, includes an on-site water treatment plant. This facility not only recycles 95% of the water used in the manufacturing process, it treats the 5% water discharged back into the system. **
  • Using local material resources (90% of our materials are less than 200 miles from our facility), reduces the environmental impact and carbon emissions of long-haul transportation.****Does not apply to NichiTrim. NichiTrim is not manufactured in Macon, GA facility.
Our superior technology produces fiber cement siding products that have better product characteristics. A lifetime
warranty… More durable, stronger, easier to handle and install, and more authentic texture with cleaner,
crisper edges…
NichiProducts™ are simply better.**

NichiProducts™ have a deeper more authentic texture. During the manufacturing process Nichiha
applies the cedar texture with heat and over one-million pounds of pressure, unlike some competitive
products where the texture is rolled on.

NichiProducts™ have crisper, cleaner edges. NichiProducts are cured (dried) during two high-heat
processes, assuring that the boards are hardened and strengthened to exacting standards. Many
fiber cement products are cut wet, giving an edge that is soft and yielding.

NichiProducts™ have a zero smoke and flame spread on surface burning; the boards are classified as


NichiProducts™ are backed by a lifetime limited warranty*, the boards will not crack, rot or delaminate;
are resistant to fungus and termite infestation and withstand extreme weather conditions.

** Does Not Apply To NichiTrim


Trimming a home has never been easier than with NichiTrim™ boards. Available smooth or with cedar texture,
NichiTrim boards offer the low maintenance facade home owners desire. 

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